Hey there!
here you can find some abbreviations which will help you to understand my Blog a bit better đŸ˜‰

UWC – United World Colleges: The organisation which gave me a scholarship and which has 17 different boarding schools all over the world. If you want to know more check out their website (www.uwc.org) or check out my Blogpost.

RBC – Robert Bosch College: The UWC I am going to!

IB – internationale Baccalaureate: That´s the school system I am in. I do six subjects 3 on HL (higher level) and 3 on SL (standard level).  My HL subjects are Economics, Physics and English and my SL subjects are German, Biology and Maths.

EE – Extended Essay: A mandatory part of the IB. An essay of 4000 words in a subject thought at your school about a topic chosen by you. My EE is in World studies, which is a combination of two subjects. In my case I combined Physics and Econ for a case study concerning a wind farm.

IA – Internal Assessment: A mandatory part of the IB for every subject. It counts 20% of my final mark. I carry out an experiment or creative writing or something else and write about that a report or analysis (or I write something in the languages).

WT – Written Task: The IA for language As

Coyear: A person who is in the same year as I am in UWC.

Secondyear: A person who is in the second year of the IB and UWC.

Zeroyear: A person who is selected but not yet at a UWC.

Firstie or Firstyear: A person who is in the first year of the IB and UWC.

TOK – Theory of knowledge: a course where you have to do a presentation and write an essay. It´s a bit like Philosophy, but not really. It is the only compulsory subject in the IB.