My actual host family

At the Moment I live at home. At home in UWC Robert Bosch College, together with 200 guys from all over the world 😉 But hereare my host families from the past:



Réunion Island 4.9.15-4.12.15


My host Family at Réunion Island is really big, I have had  my host parents and 6 host sisters.

My host sisters:

– Océane, 16 years old, was for 3 months in Germany
– Marine, 14 years old
– Candice, 11 years old
– Loane, 13 years old
– Flavie, 9 years old
– Victoria, 6 months old

I lived in the southern part of the Island, in Saint Joseph. But I think you ´maybe don´t know where Réunion Island is. So here is a map.



Rome 4.2.15-13.2.15

In Rome I had my host parents and 2 sisters. My Exchange Student Valeria was 17 years old and her sister Claudia was 9 years old.


Paris  28.5.14-29.6.14

In Paris it was a bit more complicated. I had just my Exchange Student Cédricwho was 13 years old and in the house lived his mother and the friend of his mother. His father lived in Rouen with his friend who was german 😉 We were every second Weekend at his dads house.


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