Year 1 is over

Since Friday I am back. Back in Heidelberg, a home away from home as many of my Coyears say.This year was over just way too fast. I still can´t believe it, that I am done with 11th grade and that I arrived at UWCRBC already 9 months ago. In one way, it feels like yesterday and the other way it feels like centuries ago, because I experienced so much.  UWC is so intense and I really can´t understand it yet.

Anyways, the summer arrived, my first year of the IB is over and one more year to go to finish High-school. Normally, if you think about summer, you think about going on holiday, relaxing and just stop all the work you keep up during the year.

If you think like this, you are NOT an IB student 😀

I have to write my EE, my Bio and Physics IA, a WT for German A and actually I also should study the things I missed this year… So enough to do 😀  But I will also relax a bit and will go one week to Hamburg, half a week to Berlin and to the Zero-First-Year meeting of the German National Committee. In August I will probably also go for some days to Prague to visit my Czech Coyear and than we will fly to Georgia to my Coyear there.
So, I am pretty excited even though I have a lot of school stuff to do, I have also a lot of fun ahead of me 🙂

By the way, my abbreviations dictionary is now finally up, click here.



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