Goodbye dear Second Year.
On Monday our Second Years left campus and went back home to all over the world. I am fine with the fact that I will probably not see most of them again. I didn´t cry mainly, but just mainly. I cried because of two people. Mohammed and Simon. They mean so much to me and even though I will see at least Simon again in fall, I am missing them a lot. They were my frame here at UWC and they helped me to survive this crazy place. They helped me to understand it. Now, from one day to the other, this frame was destroyed. On Sunday night I was still drinking a beer with one of them and some others. Some hours later, I had to say goodbye. It was a goodbye which was from the bottom of my heart and a see you hopefully soon, even though I know that I will probably not see at least Mohammed another time….
Monday afternoon was hard, yes. Breaking down Tech stuff alone without Simon was hard. I was reminded all the time that he is gone. But now, I am okay with it. I will keep my memories from this year and build a new frame.
Dear Second Years, I will never forget the year you made so special to me, Thank you! 🙂


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