Musical Theater, Spring Break and something called “ACT”

In the past few weeks there was just too much stuff going on and I couldn´t find the time to write something, sorry! There was the Musical Theater performance, I took the ACT and had spring break. And last but not least exams are coming up next week and I have slowly start to think about my live after UWC…
But let order the things.
In March our Musical Theater CAS performed “The 25th annual Putnam county spelling Bee” and I had a lot to do as the technician. But the work was worth it, it was such a beautiful performance! Thank you guys again!

In the beginning of April I then wrote the ACT but due to so many other events like the art exhibition of the 2nd years or the theater performances I couldn´t study at all and I was going to write it completely unprepared! But somehow I still got a good combined score of 25 (don´t know how I get all my stuff done even though so much is going on – but somehow it works 😀 ).
In my spring break I decided to start writing my EE (yes, I know the dictionary.. Soon I promise) which is a 4000 words essay I have to write. And somehow the 5 days of break were gone…. Sadly…

And what´s going on right now and why I am still awake? Firstly, there are End-Of-Year Exams next week and I studied when at 1 o´clock an Email came into my account which told me that I would be invited for an interview with a organization called “Global Citizen Year” it´s a gap year organization which sends young people one year to Ecuador, Brazil, India or Senegal before they go to College. I applied there and yeah, now I am kind of in the final round and I just completed all the forms ^^ If you want more information click here.
I´ll just add some nice pictures under here, so you can actually see what´s going on 😉

WhatsApp Image 2017-04-11 at 19.26.55
Me when I took a picture of our Holi celebration 😉 PC: Sophie Seydel 
The Musical Theater CAS
Global Citizen year 🙂

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