Dear Time!

Dear Time,

you are too fast for me! My days need double the amount of you than you give me. I have so much to do but I don´t get it done because it´s just too much. Yesterday, Hubertus told us about the application process for universities in the US, UK, Germany or Canada. He explained us what we need and he explained the different systems. He also introduced the idea of a GAP year and all this stuff. Tomorrow our second years will give us more detailed workshops on those topics. That´s so crazy. I mean, back home I would start to think about these things maybe in one year or even later, but not now! I´m just 16 and a Y1 student but I realize that I seriously have to think about my time after this huge adventure called UWC… Which makes me think of the fact that in less than three months our second years will leave… That´s so sad.  I really really like them I will definitely miss them a lot!
Also yesterday I got to know who my EE supervisor is. It´s Tobi, our sustainability guy 😀 Ah, by the way my topic is now the following: Is it worth it to build the windpark “Stillfüssel” in Wald-Michelbach by considering economic and physical aspects. So I´ll analyze  wind data etc.
There is also this scary thing again soon, called block week… In around 2 months I´ll start to write my end of year exams.
It´s just too fast!
More than one year ago I made the decision to come here, but I never thought that the time will fly here so much faster. It was a good decision and I don´t regret it, but I´d love to have more time in this place with those wonderful people.

Dear Time,

you are too fast for me!


2 thoughts on “Dear Time!

  1. Das ist so wahr. Kannst du dich noch erinnern, als wir gerade auf unsere Antworten vom AWW warteten?


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