Make the Mostar ´ v it!

Hey there!

Currently I´m sitting in Mostar, Bosnia on my second project week 🙂 After a 26 hour bus ride we finally arrived yesterday afternoon. Some students of UWC Mostar (UWCiM) picked us up at the bus station and took us first to our apartment and after that to one of their residences which is called Mejdan. After Lunch we explored the old town of Mostar when an  old man suddenly approached us, told us some history about Mostar and the war and showed us around! It was super nice 🙂
Yesterday night we went to a bar with some students of UWCiM and I drunk Rakja a typical drink for the Balkan. There are different kinds of Rakja and I tried two of them. One was super disgusting, the other one was quite nice.
Today we first went to UWCiM to the assembly and after that we had a meeting with Daniela, the CAS Coordinator of UWCiM for checking out in which CAS we will participate.  So we will see what we are actually doing tomorrow because the children in the CAS where we were supposed to work with are a bit upset at the moment and because we don´t speak any local language it would be really difficult for us.
It´s already my second project week and it´s crazy how fast the time is running… On Monday after Project week I need my proposal for my Extended Essay (EE) and two weeks after Project Week I need to submit my first final draft for an IA (Internal Assessment) That´s so crazy!
Ah and I´ll probably start a shortcut dictionary here because I don´t want to explain every time all terms like EE, IA or UWCiM..


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