A crazy start in the 2nd Term

I´m now here again since two weeks. Two really busy weeks. Too many global affairs sessions, an arm which is maybe broken, project week  and winterball is coming soon 🙂

But let me start with the arm. Here is much snow at the moment and on the first Friday after arriving here again we went out to a bar. On our way back to the campus we were throwing snow on each other and I felt down. My arm was hurting really bad but I thought it will be better the day after – but it wasn´t better, it was much worse… Therefore I went to the hospital and they told me that they can´t see if something is broken because there is too much blood inside the elbow. I´ll go today again the a doctor for checking if it´s broken or not.
Last week was beside from that super busy. We had two global affairs sessions (some experts are giving a speech to a special topic), one concert and many other things. I am sometimes wondering how I manage it to attend all this stuff…
On saturday is the winterball and I am really excited 🙂 The TechTeam is already looking for nice decoration and it will be fantastic ❤
From the 12th to the 18th of February we will go on Project week and I am going together with 7 other people to the UWC in Mostar, Bosnia Herzegowina 🙂 I think it will be a great project week 🙂

Just a short update,



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