A Year in Review

Today 2016 is coming to an end. I am so thankful for this year and the fact that I could experience all this 🙂
I love my life at UWC and I don´t want to miss a moment of this beautiful year.
But let´s start at the beginning of the year. In January I was going to the selection weekend for UWC and I met so many cool and engaged people and I thought I would never ever get the chance to go to a UWC but almost two weeks later I got the mail with the information that I was selected!
The last half a year in my “normal” environment was over so fast, it was really unbelievable! Thanks to Christopher, Johannes and many others who made this time so special On the 24th of August a new life chapter started. I was traveling to Freiburg to live and study at UWC RBC!
In the beginning, I was super scared and not sure if I should stay or not but in the end, I decided to stay and it was the best decision I ever took. There are so many people who made the last four months just great with all their craziness, knowledge or just some events we experienced together. Thanks Samu for really nice tea talks in the middle of the night in our hallway, thanks to Jakub for super nice german conversations and a funny Michaelsschule project. Thanks Lisa for being always there if I need you and the cool  PT meetings 😀 (Also thanks to Anis at this point 😉 )

So all inall it was a great and exciting year for me and I hope 2017 will get even better (also for political things…)


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