Leaving this place

dsc_0188-1-2Tomorrow night I will leave for winter break. 3 weeks in which I won´t see anyone of those people. It feels super strange to leave the place I call home. To leave my little cubic house. Okay, just three weeks I will probably survive it but actually I don´t want to. I just want to stay at this beautiful place with all the people which are important to me. (Sorry for the people back home – but you are not the middle of my life anymore…) I can´t imagine to not going to the mensa and then to the Karthaus to my first lesson. I can´t imagine to live again in this tiny village where I come from, so far away from everything. I can´t imagine celebrating christmas and new years eve with people which are more or less strangers o me now. I don´t want to leave but I have to.
Normally I just sing maybe something like “I´m coming home, I´m coming home, tell the world I´m coming home” but I can´t. Actually I don´t really want anyone to know that I am coming home and I am really not sure anymore what is home. For me, my home is here. Here, the RBC Campus, House 4. Not this village next to Heidelberg.


2 thoughts on “Leaving this place

  1. Hallo Sophie! I watch your videos on YT (i’ve been learning german for 3 years now) and searching for UWC blogs i’ve found yours! I have already sent my application to the spanish UWC comitee, and i’m one of the 170 preselected… on the 23rd they will tell me if i’m going to the Selection Process on February in Madrid… omg i’m so nervous! My first choice is Robert Bosch so i hope we’ll get to meet each other next year *wink wink*.
    Btw, i have to agree with everything you say here… i’m from a city (60k of inhabitants aprox) near Barcelona, but i absolutely hate everything about here. I try to be positive, but here there’s no space for critical thinking or even thinking. I feel asphyxiated every day of my life, and even teachers make fun of me because “i’m too mature”. Anyway, just remember that home is a place you can truly be yourself; don’t ever feel bad if you don’t think about your hometown as your home. We all have to find our respectives places; yours happens to be UWC right now, it might change, but mever worry about it.
    Sending you my best wishes und vielen Küssen (Bussis in Hamburg’s german haha!), and Happy Holidays!


  2. Holà Judith 😉
    First, thanks for your warm words!
    Another point is, the YT videos are from my second year and not from me 😉
    I wish you lots of luck for your selection process and I can say you: my Spanish coyear at RBC is so fabulous 💗 I love Alberto (he is my housemate) 😍
    Just be yourself, you can’t be “too mature” or too critical. It’s fine how you are.
    Maybe we see each other next year, good luck and stay like you are 😉


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