Trump, two rapes, a belated Halloween Party, me getting lost and a UWC moment

One week ago at this time I started to watch the CNN livestream for the elections in the US. I was really curious about who is winning so I stayed up the whole night. At 4 am everyone was invited to go to the Auditorium to stream it together, like a little election Party for Hillary Clinton because my Co-years and Second Years from the US were sure she will win. Sadly, the opposite happened and at 5:45 am Zach, my Co-year fromthe US, left our Streaming and everyone was silent. Trump had more votes in Pennsylvania than Clinton and that meant he will probably become president… I think we have to look what Trump can realise from his plans and what not. It wouldn´t be good the cause panic now because at the moment he says he won´t do all of the Things which he said, but it was neccessary to say them for winning. That doesn´t  mean I Support him but I think we have to wait at least until he is official president and then we can judge him.

A more local thing here from Freiburg is that in our area two women were raped and murdered afterwards. One of them right beside our campus. It´s now a really strange feeling to walk there in the dark and alone for example to the mall… At the moment the murder isn´t caught yet…

On friday we had our belated Halloween party and we (TechTeam) made the decoration for it in the two days before and worked really hard for this great success. It was a really great Party and because of evenings like this I´m doing all the Tech stuff and because of evenings like this I`m here 🙂

On sunday we had a house event and our whole house went ice skating which was also really great. Many of us didn´t know how to skate so we had to teach them. But on the way back to the campus I was getting lost and Ifound myself alone in the dark on the Dreisam without any orientation which was a really strange feeling also because there were those 2 rapes…. But 15 minutes later some people of my house found me (Thanks to Samu, Jakub and Aidan)

For the end I want to share with you one moment which I call a “UWC moment”. Yesterday evening we were Standing in the mensa line and somebody had a little speaker and played some Music. Then there was the song “Somebody like you” from Adele and suddenly almost the whole crowd in the mensa started to sing this song 🙂 It felt like magic ❤


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