Talking to the girl in the mirror…

…Girl in the mirror
Girl in the mirror, girl in the mirror
Girl in the mirror, girl in the mirror

Go to sleep at night with a smile on my face
Cause I know who I am and I can’t ever be replaced
So go ahead, be proud, be different
Hey, just make sure you’re one out of a Million



I´m sitting in front of my window seeing myself in it like in a mirror, thinking about everything which comes to my mind and talking to myself. Homework is almost done, fall break began yesterday and I´m happy 🙂 I´m so freaking happy that I´m here.Yes of course sometimes I think: Why am I here ?! I could have just stayed in Heidelberg doing my german Abitur and everything would be fine and I´m so stupid to do this.” But all in all it was the right decision to accept the place. Since I´m here  “I know who I am and I can´t ever be replaced”. The People here are accepting me like I am and no one judges someone who is different or crazy because we are all different and that´s the point where UWC brings people together and they are learning from each other. It´s okay if you are not THE UWC Person when you arrive. The UWCish persons can learn from you and you from them and this concept is great.
I was  really not one  the UWCish persons but from day to day I learn more about values of the people around me and getting a bit more UWCish. I´m gratefull for this chance.
I have had so many doubts when I applied but all these doubts weren´t neccesary.

Friday night the deadline for UWC Germany applicants happened. That means it´s already over one year ago when I sent my apllication, I really can´t belive it. That also means I know who are my first  years next year. That means also that the first term is almost over and christmas is coming 🙂  Time runs so fast at this place… It´s crazy.


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