AFTER project week

Project week was just amazing! It was so great I couldn´t imagine a better project week.
As you might know my group went to the Baltic Sea to pick some apples and Juice them afterward. But we also did some other things like moving stones or wood on the farm to clean it up for the winter.
My highlight was the moment when we saw this big amount of juice standing in front of us and we could see what we did the last days.
Another highlight was when we calculated the weight of all the things which we moved in these seven days. There were ten tons of stones, wood, apples and of course apple juice moved just by four people.
The aim of this project week is that every year another person organizes it so that we can have self-made apple juice every year at graduation.
For me, it was a great project week. Also, because physical work is something completely different compared to the stuff we are doing in school. Here we are sitting the whole day in front of our laptops and thinking about science, math or language. But during project week, we learned what is happening with our body if we are using it really frequently and not just sitting around and thinking. Another thing which I learned was that we can learn more from each other if we are in smaller groups like this project week group which just included three other people and me.




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