Night BEFORE project week!

So, as you may assume because you read the title, we are leaving tomorrow for project week!
What´s my project ? It´s called “Apple (Picking) Inc.”Actually my project week starts with a bus ride  for 15 hours starting tomorrow evening. We will start here in Freiburg and will end up at the Baltic sea. We are a Group of 4 People, Lukas (Germany), Niko (Jordan), Lara (Germany) and me. We will stay at Lukas´ place until next Saturday evening, until the 8th of October. In this week we will first pick many apples and after that we will made apple juice out of the apples which we picked up. I´m not sure if we sell it afterwards or not but on day we will helping in a backery too. So I think it we become a very cool project week.

Hopefully our apples aren´t blue 😀 Or do we have than a new kind of apple juice?! Blue apple juice ?!
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