Late night thoughts

Tomorrow it´s monday again. Shit. monday-againMONDAY !!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 😦 I haven´t done all my homework yet… shit. But I have 7 more hours left, that´s enough. Nobody needs sleep 😛 Anyways, that means tomorrow starts the first week with  CAS 🙂 I have choosen as a Creativity Model United Nations, as Activity Hatha Yoga and as Service I´ll join the Tech Team. So I´m pretty happy I got in every section my first choice.
Last week I  changed from History to Bio and from Maths Standard to Maths Higher. That means that my timetable changed and I have now this subjects: TOK (Mandatory IB requirement, can compare it to Philosophy), German A, English A, Bio, Physics, Economics and Maths Higher. At the moment I´m thinking of doing Economics, Maths and German as Higher Level subjects. But I can decide this at the end of the first year. So we will see what happens.

At the moment I´m a bit overwhelmed by all this homework and stuff like this. In my maths folder are already 29 handwritten sheets. That´s more then I´ve written in my complete last school year in maths! (Sorry, Mister Steigmann if you are reading this…) But I think it´s at the same time very good because I learnt here in 2 weeks of School so much. It´s incredible. My English is so much better, my  maths skills improved totally and I learnt things which I never heard before. I´m learning so many facts about foreign cultures every day and this is just beautiful ❤ Today, Paul from the Philippines told me, that in the south of the Philippines are many moslems and they don´t speak the normal philippino. They talk arabic. I didn´t know that. Conversations like this about languages, cultures, different personalities and countries, these are the conversations why I´m here and which I really love 🙂

It was the best decision in my live to come here. I´m so glad that I was given this incredible opportunity. Thank you UWC Germany 🙂
And I really recommend everyone to apply, it´s an experience which lasts for a life time. And no, this isn´t just a sentence from a stupid flyer or something. I´m totally serious.  For the Germans who want to apply, look at this page:  If you are from another country and want to aplly visit and search for your own national committee.



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