First day of classes

Today was the first day of classes and it was something between great and awful.
My first block was German A which was really great. We will read 3 books this year, which are really great and doing some other stuff which sounds interesting.  After that we had an College Assembly. College Assembly is a time Slot where everyone Comes to the auditorim – staff and students – and some people make announcements or giving a speech. Before Lunch I had a block of History and a free block. I´m thinking of changing History into an other subject, because it seems very boring. But if I don´t take History I have to take Model United Nations (MUN) as a CAS (Explanation in the last article) and I really don´t like to take it… So I´m not sure yetwhat I will do. After Lunch I had a block of Economics which was great like the German lesson. The last block was physics and I´m really shocked. I didn´t understand anything and it was really awful… I hope I will understand a bit more in some weeks…. Because I can´t change physics it´s a requirement of the german law (“Schulpflicht” and  “Abituranerkennung ” ) So, we will see if that works out like this.

And I signed up for counting penguins in the antartic 😀 Helen (Director of Student Life) asked for people who want to count them and penguins are cool, so I´ll count them 😀

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