So crazy and amazing people…

… I ´ve never met in my life before. All those people here are so helpful, nice and crazy, it´s unbelievable.

When I arrived on wednesday on campus my roommate Partricia (2nd year student)  from the Philippines took me andmy suitcase to our room and after that another 2nd year showed me and other Firsties (1st year students are called firsties) around the campus. When the first coach from Frankfurt arrived we went there for getting the suitcases of those People who just arrived and it was so incredible! All the second years were screaming because they see there frineds the first time after 3 months again. It was just crazy 😀
On Thursday we had a Meeting with our personal tutors. Mine is called Akila and she speaks german, english and arabic (not sure if there are still other languages..) In the morning we played some ice breaking games to learn the names. Before we had dinner Simon (german 2nd year) showed me some technical things at campus because I really want to do something technical in my CAS program.
CAS means Creativity, Activity and Service. I have to do something in every part. So, something social, something creativ and something sporty.
On saturday and sunday we have brunch from 10-14:00 so we could sleep a bit longer. On saturday we have done a scavenger hunt but my from was this chaotic that we just found 2 from 10 letters…. Today the others went hiking but I can´t go with them because a midge bite me in my foot and now I can just wear flip – flops but I can´t hike with flip-flops so I stay at campus.

It´s just incredible and at the moment I don´t have the right words to express myself right. So I am laying here in a hammock and relax 🙂 14095933_1832579140305972_4675647503247716603_n



One thought on “So crazy and amazing people…

  1. Oh my gosh – I am so “jealous”- okay maybe not “jealous” – but I wish I could also make these experiences, I don`t know, but your posts makes me more and more want to attend a UWC 😀

    – but I wish you a great time at RBC and maybe we see us on the “Tag der offenen Tür” 🙂



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