Accepted for UWC Robert Bosch College

Hey guys 🙂

Today I want to publish my first article which isn´t in german and just in english.

In January I got my Letter of Acceptance for UWC Robert Bosch College! I´ m so excited, it´s unbelievable. I mean, I am one from the lucky 50 Germans who is attending one of the 15 UWCs. And those 50 are the lucky ones from nearly 500 or more.

But now, half a year later, I begin to realize what it really  means. In 3 days the holiday starts and that means for me that I have to say goodbye. Goodbye to so many people which I maybe see never again. On 24th August I´ll move to Freiburg which is just 200 km away from here but 200 kilometers are far away enough. It means also to meet new people and become friends with them. It means to learn to know new cultures and countries. It means that I´ll share my room for two years with three other persons. It means so much more than just go to school and I´m so happy about that. I´m really glad and thankful that I can close a chapter in my life and open up a new one.



Here are some quotes from my Coyears what UWC and the opportunity to attend one means to them  🙂
Sri, Malaysia:

“UWC is a life changing experiance and would give us great knowledge through first hand experiance. It does not only instill education, it also enhances the humanity and makes people become more understanding to each other thus reducing war and creating a harmony and peaceful world to live.”


Majd, Jordan:

“To me it means a lot as I’m not only studying abroad but I’m also going to know more people and understand the way they think. I would know more about them and will have more friends and that would be nice because we will have different backgrounds.
Being [at] one of the UWC means a lot as we will all respect each other and will have all the values that identify the UWCers and that would be nice.
UWC is not only a college but also a place that we could know ourselves and others better than before. It is a place in which we will know how to bring peace to the countries around, not only this but to bring peace to our mother planet, the Earth.”

Amr, a syrian refugee who lives in Berlin:

“The Opportunity that UWC gave us is to know each other and to have the sense of responsibility for ourselves , communities,culture and the issues which mean for us . To run away from the normal life style and think about our talents and abilities. To gave the best that we can to earn the best . When I think about my story with UWC I remember that the great times are coming 🙂 . So excited and can’t wait to meet you all !!”

 Anis, Montenegro:

“I’ve always been different – since my early childhood. Too curious, too talkative, too nerdy, a person that’s always had crazy change-the-world ideas… Somebody’d say it’s great, but Montenegrin tradition doesn’t approve those values because they are not ordinary enough. And that’s where UWC comes in. I don’t see UWC just as a chance to get great education or travel around Europe and that is not what it means to me. I see UWC as a special surruonding which at my character and the topics that fire me up can be taken to a higher level. To my mind UWC is a movement with loads of young people fighting for their thoughts, their ideas and their values, fighting for the future we want. That’s what I’ll try to make during my UWC experience 🙂 It’s a rare opportunity and they say that the magical trolley passes just once in a lifetime and I’m taking this ride: for my thoughts and my ambitions :)”
Lótus, Brazil

“UWC for me is a tool to develop what is best in me and share with others, and learn at the same time with everyone what’s best in them. It is an exchange environment. And so become a be more respectful to others, other cultures, with myself, my country and with the world and the nature.”

See you soon, Sophia

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2 thoughts on “Accepted for UWC Robert Bosch College

  1. Hi there! I graduated from LPCUWC four years ago and you blog post brightened up my day! Wish you a fruitful and exciting UWC experience ahead. 🙂
    I am from Hong Kong and I started my blog just last week. Follow back and do share more on your site about your UWC journey! 🙂


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