A great 2017 and..

… 3 years of “ichmachdieweltunischer”! This is crazy, 3 years, since I was sitting in a restaurant with my family and had this idea. But what does “ichmachdieweltunischer” actually mean in English? Well, the literal translation is I make the world unsure which is a German saying and it means that I am traveling quite … More A great 2017 and..

Term 3 is over

3/4 terms at UWC are over. Wow. To me, this sounds a lot and it makes me aware of the fact that less than half a year at UWC is left for me but on the other hand, I realize how fast this time passed. This term was most likely the busiest term I had … More Term 3 is over

Year 1 is over

Since Friday I am back. Back in Heidelberg, a home away from home as many of my Coyears say.This year was over just way too fast. I still can´t believe it, that I am done with 11th grade and that I arrived at UWCRBC already 9 months ago. In one way, it feels like yesterday … More Year 1 is over