Decision made!

It’s official, from August I will live in Freiburg, Germany again and will go to University over there 🙂 I will study Microsystem technologies and I’m super excited 🙂 I also already have a room in a shared flat and I will move there in something like 3 weeks. The decision to leave the US … More Decision made!



I am back. Back in Germany, back at working back at life.I left the US approximately two weeks ago after a very stressful May with exams and all that other end-of-year-stuff. In the past four weeks I had to write my exams and study for them. They turned out surprisingly well ^^ I also worked … More Germany

New Orleans

In the past week I have been in New Orleans. Here at St. Olaf is a group which is called ‘Ole Spring Relief’ which goes on trips during spring break each year to regions which need help with disaster relief. So, last Saturday, we started our journey by bus to New Orleans, which is located … More New Orleans

New York!

In the past two months a lot of things happened. Interim went by, Spring Semester started and I went to New York in the end of January! NYC was amazing. I was there just for two days, on my own in the middle of the polar vortex on the coldest day in the US and … More New York!

2018 in pictures

January – Winterball at RBC February – A wonderful friend who I helped to organize our MUN day March – The studying begins and a new haircut April – Last week of classes May – Apparently I graduated from high-school June – I’ve got a job at a beautiful scenery July – One of the … More 2018 in pictures


Last week it was Thanksgiving here in the US. Thanksgiving is a fest the Americans celebrate each year on the fourth Thursday in November and basically it’ s a fest which brings together all family members once in a while. Traditionally they  eat a lot of very special food like turkey with cranberry sauce and … More Thanksgiving